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Zosia Kaszubska and Gosia Kaszubska

Mother and daughter duo Zosia and Gosia have been harmonizing together for over three decades. Their unique interpretations bring to new life traditional folk melodies and their lively, passionate performances have been a regular feature of the Polish Festival at Federation Square. During this challenging time, they have not been able to sing together but they have remained creative and explored new ways of sharing their musical talents. Here they present a selection of their most loved songs, old and new.

Znany i lubiany od wielu lat duet mamy i córki  “Zosia i Gosia”. Znane są z ich unikalnych  interpretacji tradycyjnych ludowych i patriotycznych pieśni. W ostatnich miesiącach związku z obecną sytuacją nie były w stanie śpiewać razem ale niezależnie nadal rozwijały swoje pasje. Poniżej prezentujemy ich stare i nowe opracowania.


A grieving mother mourns her sons. Traditional folk song from Abkhazia, north-western Georgia, recorded in the constraints of the pandemic. All three parts are sung by Gosia Kaszubska, set to moments from villages in beautiful rural Georgia.


Kriste Aghdga Mkvdretit
A sacred chant from Georgia, sung at Easter time.
Christ is risen from the dead,
trampling down death by death,
and upon those in the tombs bestowing life”.

Here Gosia Kaszubska is joined by singers Elida Bellon and Giulia Prete, D’AltroCanto Duo, as they take advantage of the superb natural acoustics of the Subalpina Galleria in Turin, Italy.


Powierzył nas tobie (He entrusted us all to You)
An original composition by Zosia Kaszubska about Mother Mary, to whom her Son has entrusted us all.


Pobłogosław Jezu (Bless us, Jesus)
Original composition by Zosia Kaszubska.
Jesus, bless us all, especially those who don’t know you yet“.


Instruktaż na początek dnia (Instructions for the start of the day)
Original composition by Zosia Kaszubska. A prayerful song for the morning, asking the Lord to help us the whole day, to keep us from wandering astray.


Bindisperia Sopeli
A Georgian song about the fleeting nature of life, traditionally sung in memory of those who have died.
The sun is setting on the world, it grows darker and darker…
What is our life, it will fly from us like a bird…
Gun is eaten by rust, rust by ground,
Man’s heart, wound, sorrow…

Another pandemic-style recording (one voice, three parts), sung by Gosia Kaszubska and set to moments from a conservation reserve in north-east Melbourne.

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