Festival Dance

OBERTAS – Polish Song and Dance Company, Brisbane AUS

OBERTAS – the Polish Song and Dance Company of Brisbane – was formed in early 1982 and since its inception, has given hundreds of concert performances in south-east Queensland as well as in capital cities around Australia, participating in PolArt Festivals, Queensland multicultural festivals, Shell Folkloric Concerts and even World Expo ’88 back in the day. Most recently in 2018, Obertas co-hosted PolArt 2018 in Brisbane.

Under the artistic direction of its founder and choreographer, Henry Kurylewski, Obertas has taught its members, young and old, past and present, the basics of classical dance as the foundation for a vast repertoire of songs and dances from a diverse range of Polish regions.

Gathering for rehearsals every Friday night, plus some additional intensive rehearsals on weekends, the dedicated members of Obertas are excited to perform some of their favourite dances for you today!