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“The Trial of Dali” by Drama Fantazja Theatre

Drama Theatre Fantazja, formed in 2002 and sustained by a passionate commitment from its directors and actors, has a formidable record of Polish-language theatre productions in Sydney and at cultural festivals in other Australian capitals. 

The company is made up of both amateurs and highly-trained professionals. It’s been a great boon to the Polish community, who have brought from their homeland an old and deep theatrical inheritance which Australians can only envy.

For its first English-language play venture, under Artistic Director Joanna Borkowska-Surucic, and thus a courageous step out of its comfort zone, Fantazja has made an intriguing choice. The Trial of Dali is the work of Andrew Kolo, a Pole living in California and writing in English.

The Trial of Dali is a Wickedly Wild Surreal Comedy-Drama about the One and Only Salvador Dali! 

At the height of his powers in New York, Dali arrives in his native town of Figures. He is a hero, a king of Surrealism! But in Spain, under the rules of a Dangerous Dictator, he is being accused of moral and ethical misconduct by the powerful Moral Decency Committee! 

A story of intrigue, deception and art spiced with passion, hallucinations and dreams that will twist your imagination.

Watch as Drama Theatre Fantazja, take you on this unique journey!

“Have no fear of perfection-you’ll never reach it.”

Salvador Dali