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Prepare for your dream Poland trip with RealPoland Tours

The people behind RealPoland are a group of Polish travel experts, head over heels in love with their country. We organize tailor-made private tours and small group tours of Poland, putting all our hearts into showing the beauty of our country, giving a taste of our exceptional customs and traditions, as well as helping to understand the complicated history of our country. We also help people explore their Polish background and learn more about their family history.

We know how tough it is not to be able to travel. And how tough the waiting is. We miss you and we wish you could come to Poland. Sooner or later, the dreams of a fantastic Poland trip will come true. We would like to help you prepare for that moment by learning a bit about the Polish language and traditions. You can watch a few free videos on YouTube (more will come, so don’t forget to subscribe!), or you can support us by signing up for our basic Polish online course and learn to speak some Polish before you come.

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About the Polish alphabet and why the dots and tails matter:


About words that are similar in Polish and English, but mean completely different”:


About some funny Polish sayings: 


About Polish wedding traditions (and how to sing ‘sto lat’):


And here’s a video about Christmas vocabulary and how to sing Silent Night in Polish


RealPoland Tours have shared a video about last year’s festival:


Gallery – Polish Festival @ Federation Square 2019: