Uncles Smallgoods – join Bartek and Brendan for a tour of their famous smokehouse!

Uncles Smallgoods is a neighbourhood institution famous for its traditional artisan smokehouse.

For 20+ years the old-style deli and smokehouse has been a closely guarded secret in the European community – today its busy smoking daily for those who appreciate food that is not mass produced, high quality and most importantly fresh & honest. Typically, you can expect smallgoods that are smoked only hours earlier, often still warm.

Out back you’ll find some serious machines, huge open fire smokehouses and a dedicated team of butchers & smallgoods masters at work. The award winning products rival the best in the world. An uncompromised commitment to quality means upholding time honoured techniques and traditions, no weight gaining fillers, injectors or artificial enhancers are added whatsoever.

Proudly sourcing meat locally where possible and using only 100% Australian. With over 100 products in the range including smoked salmon, bacon, pastrami, American style beef brisket and various continental sausages including a vegetarian option. With a substantial Free-range and Nitrate-free offer in the line up there is something for everyone.

On the store shelves you’ll also discover an extensive range of imported European products that typically originate from Poland. From an extensive range of pickles, sauerkraut, rare mustards, sauces to ready meals such as Pierogi (dumplings) that are also made in-house. Don’t be afraid of the foreign labels, ask the friendly deli staff for help and be adventurous.

Visit our smokehouse, we are sure our products will take you back to a time when we didn’t buy products mass manufactured by machines from personality free supermarket fridges. We believe in uncompromised quality, natural local ingredients, passion and real wood smoke.

Join Bartek and Brendan for a behind of the scenes tour of their famous smokehouse in this video:




Visit Uncles:
123 Thomas Street Dandenong
Tel. (03) 9793 0135